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John H., Grafton WI, Chevrolet Blazer

Dianna D., Huntsville AL, Saturn Ion

Irvan H., Corpus Christi TEXAS, Mazda Protege

Alvin B., Tamuning GA, Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

Guillermo R., San martin CA, Dodge Durango sp

Fabius B., NEW BRAUNFELS TX, Chevrolet Venture Warner Brothers

Seung Min K., East Lansing MI, Hyundai XG350

Demetria A., Brentwood CA, Oldsmobile Alert

Nathan B., Keller TX, Volvo S40

Michael S., Reno NV, Isuzu Rodeo

Win P., Milwaukee WI, Toyota Camray

Garcia Y., El Cajon CA, Lincoln LS

Ricky P., Port Aransas TX, Nissan Maxima

Rohit K., Riverside NY, Pontiac Grand pri

Richard W., Anaheim CA, Mercedes-Benz CL550

Todd S., Grapevine TX, Mitsubishi Eclipse

Maridel G., Vallejo CA, Volkswagen Jetta


Jenner D., Studio city CA, Chrysler PT Crusier

Ali Y., Castro Valley CA, Saab 9-3 convertible

Welcome to our Charity. We are a not-for-profit organization that helps children & families in need.

By donating to us, you help others and yourself Our organization, American Relief Foundation, is dedicated to improving the well being of American children and families that are in need. We accomplish this by accepting donations of varying kinds (see below for our different programs), and distributing those resources directly to families, or providing services from funds generated from those resources. We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charity.

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The Car Donation Process

Car donation is a great way to not only help out in your community and get rid of a car you may no longer use, it is also a fantastic way to get write offs on your taxes and feel good about yourself. The car donation process is easier than you may think, though it seems like donation is likely to require tons of paperwork and trouble, the donation process is easy to work through. There are three steps that those donating must go through to get their car donated.

The first step is to find the appropriate donation center. Often, one can find donation centers around them quickly and easily if they know where to look. Each donation center will have a process that is a tad bit different to comply with their organization. After you have determined where you will donate, you are ready to take the next step. The

is a great site and donation center to check out that offers nationwide pick up of all donations.

The second step in the process is of course the valuation of the car. Generally donation centers will choose a common source like Kelly Blue Book to attain a value for your vehicle. This allows the donation center to determine how much your tax receipt should be written out for. After they have valued your car, the donation center will then write your tax receipt that can later be filed with your taxes for that year.

The last step is to complete any title transfer, paper work, or other issues that pertain to your car and the transfer of ownership. Again, each donation center will have their own donation paper work but the representative on hand should be able to walk you through the process. Being able to donate your car is a great way to get a tax write off, to help the community, and to just feel great about yourself.our donation center will be ready and willing to help you through the process.